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SENIOR – the age range for “older adults” which is inconsistent but can start at age 50


HUNGER- the physical sensation an individual experiences as the result of a lack of food.

FOOD INSECURITY – a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. (Food insecurity does not necessarily cause hunger, but hunger is a possible outcome of food insecurity.)


FOOD SECURITY –having, at all times, both physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet dietary needs for a productive and healthy life


FOOD DESERT – an area that has limited access to affordable and nutritious food


TRADITIONAL FOOD PANTRY – a facility or organization that provides clients with pre-packaged bags or boxes of food.

CLIENT CHOICE FOOD PANTRY – a client-choice pantry allows clients to select their food instead of receiving a pre-packaged or standard bag of groceries. (Client choice is considered best practice as clients are able to select food that meets their family’s ethnic, religious, medical, and taste preferences. Clients are not given items they already have, do not like, or cannot eat for health or personal reasons. Client choice pantries reduce food waste.)


MOBILE FOOD PANTRY – a mobile food pantry uses a truck to deliver products directly to a distribution site where people receive food.


DESIGNATED FOOD PANTRY – a pantry whose services are only available to a specific population, such as past clients, mothers-to-be, or church members.


FOOD WASTE (or food loss) – the edible amount of food, postharvest, that is available for human consumption but is not

consumed for any reason (

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